Our story

It begins with a close-knit team fueled by a shared passion, creating a vibrant and inspiring environment.
In 2020, the owner embarked on a journey from a humble studio in Maroochydore, driven by her unwavering commitment to beauty and self-care.
As the reputation of Capital Beauty grew and our clientele expanded, Taylah knew it was time to elevate her creation to new heights.
We have had the pleasure of serving over 5000 radiant clients, boasting a glowing 5-star rating on Google. It's incredible to witness how this small business has blossomed into the realization of her childhood dream.

Located in Sunshine Coast

We specialize in enhancing your natural beauty with our exceptional lash extension and brow services. We provide personalized treatments that suit your individual style. Our range of services is not limited to lash and brow services; we also offer tooth gems, teeth whitening, waxing services, and infills to keep your beauty investments looking flawless.

Meet the Team


is a highly skilled Lash and Brow Artist, and also an International Lash Master Educator.
She established Capital Beauty with the intention of creating a safe haven for women to feel comfortable and confident within themselves
Additionally, she is delighted to have founded Capital Beauty Academy, a premier institution devoted to empowering aspiring lash and brow artists by providing them with the opportunity to upskill in the industry.
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is a skilled professional. She's a dedicated brow and beauty specialist and an artist who pays meticulous attention to every detail.
Her magic lies in making each individual feel truly special and deserving of the utmost care.
In a world where beauty is often associated with superficiality, Francie brings a refreshing perspective. Her devotion to her craft, her values of empowerment, and her dedication to making everyone feel valued are what set her apart.
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